Born a Sikh in India, is it my nation?

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Champion genocidal maniacs

I am born and grown up in India but now in this age of 65 years, i am amused and searching for my identification.

I ask all the Sikhs worldwide if they too have any identity in India other then their religious identity wearing turban on their heads?

Is it acceptable in Indian constitution?

Does it give you a separate religious identity?

I am not talking on article 25(b) which declares them as Hindus but in this nation where ….. its own elected Prime Minister orgnizes the genocide of Sikhs, misuse his constitutional powers and then whole administration, all ministries, Home ministry plans to eliminate Sikhs, (see http// it’s Police and other para-Military forces are deployed not to save the innocent citizens but to save the perpetrators, where a popular cine-star Amitabh bacchan openly demand blood of Sikhs, where there is no justice ever delivered to victims of 1984 but so far denied, where these killers are protected by govt. provided security, where these accused are provided every opportunity to die their natural death other than any punishment by any govt since 1984?

The nation in which it’s tainted PM is awarded with highest civil award BHARAT RATNA  for his distinguished services (for killing thousands of own citizens)?

Dear readers, this nation is really great where it discriminates with its citizens. I challange you all if anyone of you give any evidence where the Parliament of this nation ever condemned the deaths of we Sikhs or ever paid any homage by keeping silence for two minutes?

No ! Sikhs are not Indian nationals but are landless nation. Hence no mourn was ever done in Parliament where the elected members  from all parts of India fight for the rights of people and make laws. If they had considered Sikhs as indian nationals, they would have mourned on their untimely deaths in attempt of their elimination by the govt. itself. When the govt. itself was behind this conspiracy and the PM a chief organizer, any justice to victims is almost impossible and the same we indian Sikhs are facing.

Am i wrong to say if this nation (India) doesn’t recognize Sikhs as Indian nationals, why should we consider ourselves as indians? How can we feel any love with this nation for which we sacrificed (93%) more than Hindus themselves?

What do you say?

What is the future of your next generations in India?

How can i love this nation?

Ajmer kesri

Ajmer Singh Randhawa

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