India announces 2nd highest civil award PADMA VIBHUSHAN to a mass murderer

In my previous posts I have alleged Indian govt. for their injustice since 1984 Sikh gonocide , to which the Indian govt. was itself a party tto organize it successfully. Today on the eve of Republic day, it has announced second highest civilian honor the Padma Vibhushan on nine people. Out of these recipients the name of mass murderer Amitabh Bacchan also enlisted.

I am fully convinced that any Hindu govt. in India shall never do justice with we Sikhs and if some Sikh groups demanding a separate Sikh homeland, they are moving on right direction. Indian govt. never mouned for two minutes in it’s parliament to Py their homage to the killed in Sikh genocide but continued to protect the organizers and perpetrators by providing them full proof security. It saves them from clutches of law and allow them to die their own natural death and appeals to Sikhs to forget 1984.

This man Amitabh Bacchan, who is a famous cine star of India was very closed to Indira Gandhi family. His mother Teji bacchan and Indira were good frinds in Allahabad and this friendship continued. Their children were also good friends. Rajiv Gandhi and Amitabh were good friends too.  Teji bacchan—- her roots were from Sikh family but she had given up the Sikh roots by marrying a kaystha Harivansh Rai bacchan so she was no more a Sikh. Her great grand father Khem singh Bedi had been excommunicated from Sikh panth due to his anti Sikh views. He was pro-Hindu and paid price for this.

Amitabh bacchan, the angry young star of Bollywood was also called by Rajiv Gandhi. On his arrival at Airport, the first thing he did, he slapped a Sikh security officer as reports received later on. His mother Tezi Bacchan was given the custody of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi (both children of Rajiv Gandhi). Amitabh Bacchan was a family friend of Gandhi family. He was promoted in film industry by Indira Gandhi who requested the director of SAAT HINDUSTANI to give him a role. When Zanzeer was released, it could never be released, had it been played the lead role by any other actor but the by the kind influence of Indira Gandhi – the censor board leaned and passed it with ‘u’ certificate. Thus Amitabh became an angry young star of India. Now was the time to pay back the debts and he paid.

Haraami Amitabh       Angry star of Bollywood- Amitabh Bacchan


I was at Dehra Dun (Capital of Uttranchal) on that unfortunate day when Indira was shot dead. The news was spread by BBC Radio and it was disclosed that there were three assassinators. The All India Radio and Door Darshan were giving news of her alive till 2.20pm. And then news of her demise was aired on 31st October 1984.

Later her son Rajiv was called from Calcutta and sworn in as her successor-the next PM of India at about 6.30 pm the same day. The body of late PM Indira was shifted to Teen Moorti after that.

Next morning, I read a few stray incidents in Hindustan times about Ghaziabad and in outskirts of Delhi but it was peaceful all around. But by the day break the news of arson, rape and molestation of Sikh women by Hindus were started receiving in.

The Door darshan was busy in Live telecast of people arriving to pay last tributes at Teen Moorti house where Indira’s body was laid to pay homages. I saw Amitabh Bacchan there at Teen Moorti Bhawan with Rajiv Gandhi and other distinguished person there. Then I saw Rajiv Gandhi whispered something in the ears of Amitabh Bacchan and then…….. the worst had happened unexpectively. I could never imagine the angry cine star of India could ever utter these disguting hatred words against Sikh community who were also belonged to her maternal ancestors. Her mother Teji Bacchan was a Sikh girl before her marriage to Harivansh Rai Bacchan – A Kyasth of Allahabad.

Then Amitabh was shown by Door Darshan TV moving in the corridor of this building Teen Moorti House. He was moving forward for  10-15 steps and then back and shouting—“KHOON KA BADLA KHOON” angrily as he was inciting Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs. I called my wife and also said these words in disgust’ Look at Amitabh, how he is spreading hate and provocating Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs’. We were shocked and stunned for a moment. I had no video camera otherwise I would have recorded these clips which were now being aired intermittently by Door Darshan in between the glimpses of visiting public and other leaders and the body of Indira Gandhi. Generally these clips were shown after showing the dead body of Indira Gandhi.

I was stunned to see him speaking hatred slogans and wondered if he was the cine star of Hindus only? Whether we do not view his films? I cursed myself to view his films when he was struggling and was not liked by Bollywood but now he was only a fanatic Hindu who was spreading hate and violence—demanding blood.

Since then I hate him.

No doubt, it worked fast. The violence was spread throughout India. Sikhs were butchered in trains, buses, in trucks,  on roads- everywhere due to this call. People were provoked and they forgot if they are enjoying freedom and liberty in India and their Hindu religion, it was all due to Sikhs only who sacrificed to save Hindu religion and fought for freedom of India. They were now back – stabbed by those whom they had trusted for many centuries but for their vested interests, the congress had sown the seeds of hate and distrust in two brotherly communities which so far enjoyed the common relationships, food, culture and brotherhood.

More than 20,00 Sikhs all over India were massacred due to his hatred call to spill blood of Sikhs, only God knows whether the thirst of this monster is quenched or not? Whether he still needs more to satisfy the family of Rajiv Gandhi and congress? But he is not liked by Sikhs despite he makes all efforts to clean his image in Sikh masses by playing different characters of Sikhs in leading roles but he is not given any respect. It was evident from his visit to Sri Amritsar Sahib when he went to perform the last prayer of his mother after her death.

I tried to sue him in Delhi High Court and files Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against him but it was refused with a remark by Judge Man Mohan as it was filed after a long time. May i ask the learned Judge that by filing the litigation late, does the gravity of crime reduces? Or is there any time limit to file a case against a mass murderer or killer?

Since then i write on net and his (Amitabh’s blog) so that the world may come to know the blackest chapter of his life. He is a mass murderer and should be charged by Court of law in India.




The monster is gone old.

So Sikhs throughout the world must be aware of the reality of his real life. He is enemy of Sikhs and he should not be given any special honor on any Sikh stage. He is killer of your brothers and responsible for molestation and disrespect to your sisters. You should never forgive him.

I request you, the journalists should question him on his role in 1984, pamphlets be distributed in every country before his visit and articles be published in news papers on his visit to western countries.

He should know how much we Sikhs hate the monster- Amitabh Bacchan?


The known family lineage (maternal)of the infamous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bacchan is as below:

Sir Khem Singh Bedi (1832-1904), had 2 sons Kartar Singh Bedi and Gurbaksh Singh Bedi.
Gurbaksh Singh `s grandaughter was Teji Bedi and her son is Amitabh Bacchan. Before all the Sikhs get too excited, there is a very dark side to this family.
Sir Khem Singh Bedi claimed to a descendant of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and thus to be the 15th Sikh Guru. He was a tout of the British and had been bribed by them to undermine the Gurdwara Sudhar Lehar and Singh Sabha Movement.
The Arya Samaj also used him to strengthen the Bipran Ki Reet in the Gurdwaras and thus to Hindunise Sikhi. He used to openly preach that Sikhs were Hindus.He claimed that the Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the fifth veda of the Hindus which provides the essence of Purans and Upanishads.In fact the RSS and Sanaatani influences in the various Deras owe their origins to KHEMU RAM as Sikhs used to call him with distance.
He was immensely disliked by the Khalsa Panth, but on the back of the finances from the Arya Samaj, he set up a Sodhak Committee in 1897 of his hand picked people ,to consolidate 32 wildly different versions of the Bachitar Natak which had been introduced into Punjab from Bengal via the Nirmalas between 1875 and 1900. he was largely unsuccessful in this En devour but was successful in introducing very many Hindu texts and traditions into various Deras. He died a very distraught man from painful illness.His palace built from ill gotten gains now lies in ruins near Rawalpindi in Pakistan.A fitting legacy to the evil that he represented.
His son Kartar Singh Bedi was a staunch supporter of the Mahant Narian Das who murdered 130 Sikhs at Nankana Sahib in 1921. His other son Gurbaksh Singh Bedi was notoriously anti Panthic-Maryada and used to go on Hindu stages to declare that Sikhs are Hindus. His wish came true when his grand-daughter married a Hindu Bhaiya from UP and converted to Hinduism.She brought up her son Amitabh Bachan to be a Sikh hating Hindu fanatic.She herself died from a long painful illness at the age of 93 yrs.
Sir Khem Singh Bedi`s great grandson Amitabh Bachan stood alongside Rajiv Gandhi in June 1984 to applaud the destruction of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib to flush out `terrorists` ,and later in Oct 1984 to `teach the bastards a lesson`.To date he has never condemned the genocide of the Sikhs on the streets of Delhi and other Indian towns.We shouldn`t really be surprised though should we- he is simply carrying on with his forefathers tradition of trying to destroy the distinctively sovereign Khalsa who is pure-ie free from Bipran Ki Reet.
Amitabh Bachan is getting old (68 in Oct 2009) and the best thing he can now do is to go to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and apologize for the role he has played in the 6th Holocaust of the Sikhs and build a memorial to the victims of this holocaust 1984-1995 in Delhi.
Whilst he is at it he may as well do a Akhand Pat to seek forgiveness for the role his forefathers played in anti Panthic activites. However if chooses not to do this then his children Shweta and Abishe K, grandchildren and future generations will always remember him and his forefathers as being amongst the most destructive men in Sikh History.
Kindly view some of the blogs exposing him on hs role on Sikh genocide organized in 1984 as follows, three videos are also given accusing him on his alleged role.
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

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