Are you aware with this truth on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?


The Mukarji commission was set to find out the following facts as;

1- Whether Neta Subhash Chandra bose is dead or alive;

2- If he is dead, whether he dies in the plane crash, as alleged;

3- Whether the ashes in the Japanese temple are ashes of Neta ji;

4- Whether he has dies in any other manner at any other place and, if so, when and how;

5- If he is alive, in respect of his whereabouts.

Mr. Mukarji did an appreciable job in finding some of the facts like he established that Neta ji didn’t die in air crash in Taihoku, Taiwan and that the ashes in Japanese temple are not of Neta ji. So the point no 1, 2 and 3 are thus proved by him but he didn’t work hard to find out the answers of other points.

Now let us try to find the answers of remaining last two questions.

Mukarji had to answer of this question….4- Whether he has dies in any other manner at any other place and, if so, when and how;

To answer this question Mukarji had to see three persons on his list if out of these three who could be Neta ji or not. These persons were :

1- Swami Shardanand of Shoulmari ashram died at Dehra Dun,

2-  Bhagwan ji from Faizabadand and,

3- Sadhu Jyotirdev from Sheopurkalan(MP)

Here Justice Mukarji tried to hush up the mystery on death of Subhash bose. He went Dehra Dunto collect evidence but unfortunately or deliberately he didn’t visit his ashram at 194, Rajpur Road. No inquiry was made at that ashram, from nearby residents or any eminent persons in Dehra dunwho witnessed the cremation of Neta ji. He didn’t ask the administration to verify reports of draping the deadbody of said swami ji alias Neta ji in National Tri-color and give a 21 gun salute to the deceased before cremation to give FULL STATE AND MILITARY HONOR. No inquiry was made from the truck owner whose truck was hired to carry the body of neta ji. Why the deadbody of Neta ji was kept for 10 days before cremation by administration? Why a wireless message was sent by governor of UP to local police to escort the VIP? Why the identification and status of that VIP is never disclosed? Who were the eminent personalities visited there from India and abroad? Whether any family member was also present in funeral of Netaji? By whose orders the decision to drape the dead body in national Tri color was taken and who passed the order for a full state military honor to the former head of nation (nine axis countries had recognized) and to a former Commander of organized army? All these questions remained unanswered.

Mr. Mukarji just visited Dehra Dun. His visit was earlier informed to col. Pritam singh who was the president/ controller of ashram who was at his home at village Khairi, Doiwala about 30 kms from main city of dehra Dun. Mr. Mukarji went to his home and stayed overnight there, enjoyed his hospitality and came back, and closed his search at Dehra Dun.

Col. Pritam Singh was also abided by an oath to Neta ji to hide his identity and never to reveal it. He was a committed soldier and loyal to Neta ji. He denied Swami Shardanand as Neta ji.

Justice Mukarji was an experienced judge and retired from prestigious service. How could he blindly trusted Col. Pritam Singh without keeping him in question box?  I am just a follower of Neta ji and revealed many things. When I reached to meet col. Pritam Singh, he was not feeling well. He was 92 at that time and I was not in a position to insist him on to answer my questions so I was refraining myself to ask only important questions.

So I had decided to show him the said picture taken beside dead body of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at Teen Murti Bhawan, Delhi on 28th May 1964. I had got it framed and could be hanged on wall. So I covered the picture with a paper cutting but just exposed the face only to be viewed .We were three persons, myself, our chairman retd. DSP. Sh.Om Prakash Sharma and Sh.RN Sharma, ex-suptd of Lal Bahadur Shastri academy of IAS, Mussoorie.

Col. Pritam Singh being examined by Sh. RN Sharma;

pritam singh ji

We reached village Khairi where Col. Pritam singh was running a school in the name of subhash as Subhash academy. His son was also present there. He welcomed us and introduced to his father. After introduction, I took out the picture and asked Col. Pritam singh to recognize the person in picture. Though being an old person, he recognized immediately in first glance and replied promptly…NETA JI AUR KAUN? (Neta ji who else)?


Pahchaniye kaun

“MEN MAY LIE BUT CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT” Viewers please compare both the pictures of Subhash for the evidence of identification.

My task was almost complete by this answer. I uncovered the picture and asked again if Neta ji died in 1945 then how was he seen in this picture which was taken after the death of Nehru in 1964? He was just stunned, speechless and could not believe. He was smart enough to escape from my questions but now he was caught. So he looked for a few seconds in my eyes and replied a bit rudely…immediately he turned from the track and said, ”Photo to koi bhi banaa saktaa hai.” I replied this is a real photo taken beside the dead body of the late Prime Minister Sh. J. N. Nehru in 1964. He further said… Go and ask Nehru or Edwina or go to Yarktusk Jail, Syberia where he was lodged in cell no 465.

Here he again approved me another fact that Neta ji was in Yarktusk Jail which was revealed earlier by …..who was also lodged in an adjoining cell in same jail. So he approved that Neta ji didn’t die in air crash. And he was alive. Neta ji was known in this jail as a monk KHILSAI MALANG. But before that we proceed ahead, let us whether this picture is really of Neta ji or the monk which was informed to khosla commission after 10 years. It’s to be noted that  after giving independence to India the British government published top-secret document about India in a book ‘Transfer of power 1943-47’ The British government was in possession of information that Subhash Chandra Bose didn’t die in air crash on 18th August 1945. This report would be made available in AD 2021.

In 1946, the central intelligence deptt. submitted a confidential report to viceroy Wavell that Subhash Chandra bose communicated wit Nehruand that he was living in Moscow under assumed name of “Gizai Malan”. The report claimed that this information was disclosed by the Russian ambassador in Kabul and the Russian vice-Counsel at Tehran. Indian ambassador in Russia, Satyanarain Sinha met Abani Mukarji’s son Goga who told him thatNeta ji was locked in the adjoining cell of his father under the name” Khisai Malang” in Gulag, Siberia.

The names GIZAI MALAN and Khisai Malanag are very similar while pronounced by a European.

Than I again started to ask some questions,he did not answer any of those but how could I had him escape so easily so I asked,” OK. If the saint (Swami Shardanand) was not Subhash, why all of you men from INA have joined his ashram only and became his disciples?” Here he found himself helpless and could not answer immediately. After silence for a few seconds, he replied,” due to his high spirituality.” I replied this was not a right answer. There are many saints of his cadre with high spirituality like pilot BABA , why not you INA men joined him or other so-called saints, Moreover not only you have become a disciple but all men from INA. Secondly what had motivated him that he went to Bengal from Dehra Dun to join Shaulmari Ashram as a disciple? Could not he find any other ashram in adjoining Rishikesh and Haridwar? Moreover being a Sikh i dared to ask him that Sikhs generally do not run around these sadhus because Sanyas is not permitted in Sikh religion.

I further asked him about his telegram sent to the President of India and copied to PM & home minister of India in which he alleged one Inder singh to grab the land of Shaulmari ashram at 194 rajpur road, dehra dun in which he mentioned that…”is ashram se bharat ke gaurav ke prashth jude hain…..’ means that the golden pages of India are connected with this ashram.

I asked to define this line but he didn’t answer. There is a coded message hidden in this line that the ashram has its linage with Neta ji and he reminded the high ups through this telegram and requested to be helped.

Please see the copy of telegram;


I insisted many times to disclose this, the meanings of this line. What was that pride (the secret pride) he mentioned but every time his reply was that Swamiji was a man of high spirituality though he did not disclose the real identity.

He might not disclosed but it was already made to public by Sh. Uttam Chand Malhotra in July 1962, and earlier by Maj. Satya Gupta in a press conference at Calcutta in Feb.1962 after he met Swamiji alias Netaji and disclosed that Swami Shardanandji of Shaulmari Ashram was in fact Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. It was only indicated in telegram. (See picture above).

On the basis of the complaint to hon’le president and Prime Minister of India by Col. Pritam Singh, Mr. O. P. Sharma also lodged a complaint on land grabbing. The District Magistrate/collector initiated the inquiry. The inquiry officer sent back the report without recording any statement of the complainant Sh. O. P. Sharma, and filed the remark that with his inquiry it does not prove and no proof of Swamiji’s being as Netaji could be found and land grabbing by one Inder Singh Khatri was found baseless. It was purchased by him from the real owners in 2001. Col. Pritam Singh denied the charges made by him and also did not commit that Swamiji /Netaji was one person. So the charges made in complaint were found baseless. No action was taken against the land grabber Inder Singh.

This officer was not appointed to find the facts if Swamiji/ Netaji was one person. In his opinion there was no need of any commission to probe as he himself had given the verdict. He was deployed to inquire the charges of land grabbing. Nothing else. he was not concerned if Late Swamiji was Netaji or not but he should have gone on the contents of the complaint and of allegations made within.

The three commission whatsoever declared after a long probe in diffrent countries, a police inspector did the same work in just one inquiry. The matter was closed after this and final report was submitted. What a great idea?

The meeting ended after about 2 hrs. My conclusion of this interview is that, not only Netaji made any commitment to the Govt. of India and Russia before his release and his re-entry to India, his motherland, but he also did commit on behalf of all his men from INA that no one will ever disclose his identity. They (INA men) have taken an OATH OF SECRECY before him to not to disclose that Swami Shardanand is none other than Netaji Subhash Bose. These Men from INA, are true soldiers who being abided by their oath, shall never disclose the evidence of identity of there Supreme Commander. Result whatsoever may be.

No doubt they are loyal, dedicated and true soldiers. Any nation of having such dedicated soldiers, having spirit like them, the saviors of nation, would feel proud upon them and his strength of dedicated army but I am sorry to say they are loyal to Subhash only. This was also a reason they were not adjusted in Indian army after independence. The Govt. was feared, that in future they could be provoked and revolt in favor of Subhash. On the recommendation of Lord Mountbatten,and agreed by Nehru, a precondition for independence the INA soldiers were not re-inducted into the Indian Army.

The same question was asked from Anuj Dhar but he had no answer.

Anujdhar & Co have been propagating false things like Veera Dhammvara story……So sharing these crucial pieces of info here…To be Thrown on their face :



(B) This monk is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, without any shadow of doubt…Why are we so convinced?

ANSWER : In the month of May,1964,when the entire Nation was harping the same note,when the the issue raised to an international height, when the Govt of India was at a total loss,what could have been done to settle everything very easily?…the answer is very simple!…that so called ‘Cambodian Monk’ could have been brought in public immediately…as this so called ‘Cambodian Monk’ was a V.I.P,the Govt had full knowledge about his identity,whereabouts…had that so called ‘Cambodian Monk’ been summoned by Govt and had this photograph been showed alongside the monk,then everybody would surely have accepted that the Monk beside Nehru was not Netaji at all but this so called ‘Cambodian Monk’…now,how long does it take to fly in that monk from any corner of the World?…24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, maximum 1 month…he arrived after 10 long years…a decade!!…during the final sessions of Khosla commission in 1974…there he made some funny comments: I was amused blah blah blah…our question is my dear Cambodian Monk, where had you been all these years?…An Entire Decade!!!

The Governments of India have been playing and will surely play a little longer…After that?

The Incident In Detail – On 28/05/1964,Netaji, along with some Buddhist Monks arrived at the Teen murthy Bhawan(the mortal body of Nehru was kept there) on three taxis…time was approx 11am… Shri Gulzarilal Nanda was then the interim Prime Minister of India…Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri was given the responsibility to welcome/handle V.I.P Guests… From the taxi, Netaji sent an envelope to Shri Shastri and Shri Shastri came running to welcome him… Then Lal Bahadur ji and Netaji went inside the Teen Murthy Bhawan… After sometime, Shri Shastri ji escorted Netaji back to the taxi… After that Netaji arrived beside Nehru’s body and offered a giant garland of roses as homage… Netaji also added a note to the garland in English…The note said,”Another name of Jawaharlal Nehru is courage.Let us confront the crisis of our nation for the future of India”…The note was undersigned as ‘Subhas Chandra Bose’.

Now, let us discuss about the consequences of that documentary film… It gave rise to a huge uproar across the country… Not only did it shook India,waves hit beyond Indian boundary… 80 Members of Parliament visited PM Shri Lalabahadur Shastri and proclaimed that the Monk was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, without any shadow of doubt… Shastriji could not reply anything ever!… This photograph also sent a ripple in England… It was published in very important newspapers like Daily Mail, London Times etc, with a caption – ‘Tell India! Who is this Swamiji!’.

Now, what did the Govt of India do?…They had been shaken to such an extent that the part of that film was totally censored…As I have earlier mentioned that the documentary film(film number-816B) has been a big headache for the Govt of India,they wanted to bury it once and for all…In that effort, a so called ‘Cambodian Monk’ called Veera Dhammavara (Deponent number 224) was sent to the Khosla commission in 1974 during the final session,to misguide/bluff the commission…Veera Dhammavara story turned out to be a superflop,as it should! 

So its clear that the monk was none other then Neta ji only. His picture was recognized by Col. Pritam singh and almost every Indian in first glance approves it.

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Presented by: Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

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  1. Hi Ajmer Singh,
    Didn’t this Chandra bose person go to people like Adolf Hitler for help? Didn’t this person shake hands with hitler, I understand he wanted freedom from the British but I personally think that Chandra was a weak person who failed to successfully get an army to overthrow a few British colonialist… the Sikh religion is amazing and the Sikh history is very pure, Sikh leaders never shook hands with Hitler’s as a matter of fact thousands and thousands of Sikhs fought against the nazis in world war 2 even though this war had nothing to do with them they fought against nazis and I wish Sikhs during that time weren’t so exhausted from fighting in World War Two because after they came home their homeland Punjab was patriotioned into two and Sikhs were forced to join India and then we all know what happened to the Sikh kaum since 1947

    1. Miss kaur, Sikh army personals also joined Axis forces. they were those soldiers who were in his custody and arrested from African countries by general Romel, known as FOX OF DESERT.
      They got released with kind efforts of Bose.
      There were about 60% Sikhs in INA. Sikhs fought for liberation of india. INA was also formed by a Sikh Captain Man Mohan Singh.
      And by the grace of God, being a Sikh i got the honor to visit as first person on death of Subhash bose. Kindly read full details at

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