Valor of Sikh youths and the defeat of Indian army in June 1984

Valor of Sikh youths and the defeat of Indian army ;

             The infantry division of Indian army had surrendered before the valiant Sikh youths. The fierce fight which was fought continuously for nearly 72 hrs. had stopped the advance of a mighty and best army in world which had earlier defeated Pakistan and captured its 93000 soldiers, was not able to fight with these handful Sikh youths.

The distance from Clock tower entrance to Sri Akal Takhat in complex of Darbar sahib is hardly 200 meters. The Army generals were sure to take over the Akal Takhat within half an hour but this largest army which had already covered up whole of Punjab, couldn’t cover this distance of merely 200 meters for 72 hrs, it marked a question on their valor. It had to face such a heavy resistance. The Indian army could never think of od such stiff resistance, it had not thought the handful Sikh youths who were not properly trained shall stop the mighty Indian army.

The Generals of Indian army had forgot that the Sikhs have a charm to get martyrdom since their childhood and they feel proud to offer their heads to their Guru and getting martyred in battlefield.

The Sikh youths were fighting those who had invaded with a malicious thought to destroy their holiest shrine, to protect the house of lord and to make it’s sanctity, these Sikh youths had one motto only —- to sacrifice for a good cause, and to get martyred, they practically proved in the battlefield the prophetic prononuncement of Guru Gobind Singh ji that “Chirian to main baaz tudaun, Gidran to main sher banun, Sawa lakh seek laraun, Tbhai Gobind Singh naam kahaun”, means “ only if I can make sparrows fight against hawks, make lions out of jackals, and make one person fight against 1.25 lakh (one hundred twenty five thousand) enemies—only then I deserve to be called Gobind Singh”.

These Sikh youths sacrificed their lives to prove these words whereas the soldiers of Indian army were just obeying the orders of their queen Indira.

The Generals of Indian army had deliberately selected the martyrdom day of fifth Guru of Sikh religion to attack Darbar sahib while making strategy because on such day the Sikhs arrives in large numbers to Gurudwara along with their families. The Indian army could use their large gathering of congregation to achieve their mission of capturing Akal Takhat.

It could deliver two benefits:-

First— by presence of large congregation the army could reach Akal Takhat  easily in cover of these innocent Sikhs, if the army opened fire, the chances were of killing of  innocent Sikhs from either side, the Sikhs may be from devotees or the followers of Sant Jarnail Singh ji. Indira Gandhi had also issued such orders that whether whole of Amritsar is destroyed but Bhindranwala must not be left alive. Thus, the Indian army had planned to proceed safely towards Sri Akal Tkhat in cover of innocent devotees and then to attack there like the soldiers proceed in battle fields in the cover of buffalows or other animals to save their lives.

The Generals of Indian army too made the same strategy that their soldiers shall capture Sri Akal Takhat within half an hour by getting safe cover of congregation of devotees there because these generals were sure that the Sikh youths shall never fire on their brothers, sisters or the children in congregation but the brave warriors inside the shrine had got Gurilla training from retired Maj. General Shubeg Singh who was expert in such wars. These brave Sikhs finished the first attack in minutes. All those soldiers who were sent inside at periphery of Darbar sahib were killed by indiscriminate firing.

The fierce fight to capture Akal Takhat was continued for nearly 72 hrs but when infantry division of Indian army failed to proceed a few meters, than Armored personal carrier vehicles was brought into service to ferry the soldiers safely to Akal Takhat but such an APC vehicle was blown off by a missile.

Now the Generals were sweating as their all strategies were failed. The fight which they imagined to be finished within half an hour had been continued for 72 hrs. and not stopped. Leave the humiliation or defeat, the casuality army suffered was very heavy. The Generals had assured Indira to capture Akal takhat within half an hour but their was no end to it.  Therefore the Generals now sent a request to use heavy armor and artillery to attack, than  in the wee hors on 6th june, the permission to use tanks was given.

As per reports given by Mark Tuli (BBC correspondent) there were only 14 Sikhs in the Akal Takhat at that time but the infantry had been so frustrated and weak that they surrendered. It was not possible for them to continue fight with these last 14 valiant Sikh youths.  Therefore in the end these Generals of Indian army took the decision to use the Tanks to get control on Akal Takhat. They fired 80 shells on Akal Takhat and demolished this highest temporal seat of Sikh religion and blew it off this sacred historical building. All the brave 14 Sikh youths thus martyred.

All the world was stunned on this tyranny. There were tears in eyes of Sikhs but not flowing, dried due to disgust, unbelievable on demolition of Akal Takhat. It seemed as there was no blood in veins of Sikhs. They were just amazed, had no words to condemn. If it had been in their hands, they would have formed their own nation on that day. Sikhs all over the world were very angry upon Indian army, Indira Gandhi and They had fired 80 shells on Akal Takhat and destroyed this highest temporal seat of Sikh religion and blew it off this sacred building. All the brave 14 Sikh youths thus martyred.

The Helicopters and planes of Army and Air force were also used for s the DIVERS FROM THE INDIAN NAVY . This battle was AT PAR WITH THE BATTLE OF CHAMKAUR fought under command of 10th Guru Gobind Singh ji with his 40 followers against mighty one million strong army of Moguls.

Then in disgust and anger, Sikh nation took a sad decision.

Now it was the turn of Indira Gandhi whose end was finalized by the Sikh martials.

Before this attack, Sikhs were also a part of Indian army. In both the previous world wars, they fought in Italy, France, Malayaisa, Africa, Burma etc (In whole of Europe, middle east and south Asian countries) and proved their valor. Even now memorials are built in these nations to commemorate their memories. 83005 Sikhs were martyred and more than one hundred thousand got wounded.

There was a majority of Sikh soldiers and officers in Indian National Army (INA), they formed 60% of INA.

The contribution of Sikhs in India’s freedom struggle can not be ignored. Hindus may form majority in this nation but their own contribution in it’s freedom struggle was very low, almost outnumbered, this is a bitter truth which was also accepted by the ruling Congress party published in it’s magazine. This was published by Maulana Abul Kalaam Azad. (Book source: “History of Indian National Congress”)


Kindly see the figures provided by him as follows;

Punishment Suffered 







Imprisoned for life (KALA PANI)   



Killed at Jalianwala Bagh  



Killed at Budge Budge Ghat 



Killed in Kooka Movement

91…………. NIL…………..91


Killed in Akali Movement 



Grand Total  

3697………   1074……..4771

      By:- Ajmer Singh Randhawa                                     

Being a part of Indian army, the Indian army could never realize the valor of Sikhs. It never had any opportunity to face might of Sikhs before operation blue star in 1984. The enemies of this nation have faced and penned down the valor of Sikhs in their own words in books.

Lieutinent General Kuldip Singh Brar (Major General then) who himself was born in a Sikh family but had discarded his parents religion commanded it. He disclosed the number of wounded and died in his book, “ Saaka Neela Taara” in Punjabi language as follows;

 1984 statistics of Operation Bluestar

 Kindly see this picture showing a page description of his book where he disclosed the dead soldiers 15307 and wounded 17897, 43 officers were also killed whereas the number of civilians killed by army was also in thousands but the Sikh youths who stopped the advance of Indian army for 72 hrs were only numbering in 200-250 only. They retaliated consequently for 72 hrs. They had not got any army training, If the youngest among was only 10 years old, the oldest was above 70 years of age. They were given training by a retired Sikh Major General Shubeg Singh who was senior to KS Brar Shubeg singh ji trained Mukti wahini of Bangla Desh (East Pakistan) in 1971 war and he was master in gurilla war tactics.

There is no doubt that Indian army suffered a heavy loss due to indira Gandhi’s decision to attack on Golden temple. I remember the Military hospital all over northern India were full with wounded soldiers. General K Sunder ji also confirmed the number of high casuality. In a press conference soon after the Operation blue Star on June 6 at Chandigarh, he admitted in a very sad tone that his 20% army is killed in this operation. And that the army had not got such loss in all its previous battles fought with Pakistan. He also paid his homage by his words of appraisal in honor to these Sikh warriors as… “If any army has such brave warriors, it won’t lose any battle.”

He meant to say that the 20% army personals deployed out of total one hundred thousands was killed. It approves the disclosure made by general KS Brar who gave a full account of dead and wounded. It’s very close to that account.

These valiant Sikh youths though less in numbers got martyred in this operation but none of them surrendered before army. The total casuality suffered by Indian army was much higher then it suffered during all its three major wars fought twice with Pakistan and once with China.

Ajmer kesri

 Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

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