Why should we Sikhs not demand a separate Homeland for ourselves after facing all these indiscrimination and injustice since 1947?

Why should we Sikhs not demand a separate Homeland for ourselves after facing all these indiscrimination and injustice since 1947?


Why is it justified? See this brief report;

The Indian govt of BJP and the state govt as its alliance trying to suppress VOICE OF SIKH NATION. They forget once Sikhs decide anything, even the death can not change their way. Bapu Surat Singh has proved it once again.

We Indian Sikhs are facing discrimination since 1947, first were declared Hindus through Indian constitution, this was revealed in 1950 but before that in October 1947, the Punjab govt with consent of Patel and Nehru had already ordered to deal strictly with Sikh refusees and were levelled CRIMINALS, though millions left their flourished business, lavish houses, fertilized lands and made refuzee in their own homeland.

Then through a legislation untouchables were given priorities in govt jobs, this was violation of Indian constitution which gives equal right in fundamental rights of a person and the basic concept of Sikh religion, it divided Sikhs too, the lower cast Sikhs were separated through this act.

Then Sikhs had to struggle for holy city status to Amritsar which was opposed by (BJP then called Jansangh).

Then Sikhs had to fight for promotion of Gurmukhi language, it was opposed by Hindus of Punjab, the new Suba was formed by dividing Punjab into three states.

I remember when Devi lal paid a visit to Darbar sahib after creation of Haryana, he commented jokingly that a person when goes in toilet and relax, the urine also pass, similarly with Demand of Punjabi Suba, Haryana is created.

Then Sikhs had to fight for ……to name a train on the name of Golden Temple=it was denied.

Sikhs agitated for relay of kirtan and a transmiter (All India radio)at Darbar Sahib, it was also denied.

Sikhs passed Anandpur resolution to stop misuse of article 356 by Indira gandhi, it was called anti national whereas it was basically written on Federal govt system in india. there is not any center/central govt in constitution but indian govt. was declared a federal govt. How the status is changed, who did it and when?

Then indian govt invaded Darbar Sahib in 1984, it announced that the operation was made to clear a holiest place from terrorists whereas retd. Lt. Gen SK Sinha had revealed that preparation of attack were going on for the last 18 months when Bhindranwala had not moved in at Akal Takhat.

Then 43 other Gurudwaras all over Punjab were attacked to suppress Sikh nation.

Not enough and satisfied, Indira planned operation Shanti to eliminate Sikhs in western Punjab at border and to blame attack on Pakistan Air force.

Then operation woodrose planned and implemented all over Punjab.

Then genocide in Delhi was planned by congress, more then 20000 Sikhs all over India brutally murdered, since then perpetrators/organizers are awarded and protected by govt.

Indira and Rajiv were awarded with Bharat Ratna for eliminating Sikhs.

For full decade the Sikh youths were picked up by police and killed in fake encounters, no police men ever punished, Sikh girls reportedly raped and killed in police stations of Punjab, Indian media never raised any voice.

Justice denied to Sikhs, Indian judiciary proved impotent before politicians.

Then BJP came in power but the machinary not changed, the bureaucracy continued suppressing Sikhs and protecting their killers.

Nothing is changed by change of regime.

AS Randhawa-1

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

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