Alright Amitabh Bacchan, I accept your challenge.

I have come to know that Amitabh Bacchan has responded to Lovepreet Singh and denied his role in 1984 Sikh genocide. In his statement he refused to incite Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs and ready to face the allegations.

Ajmal Kasab is responsible for attacking Mumbai and killing many innocent people in Hotel Taj and adjoining area. He is a Pakistani national and arrested on the spot as he got wounded but Amitabh walked on footsteps of Adolf hitler and contributed in mass killing of innocent Sikhs in 1984 pogrom. Please rad full report of his involvement below and in my other blogs specially
So Amitabh is much much ahead then Kasab who killed handful innocent Indians but Amitabh was one among the chief organizers of Sikh genocide of 1984. Kasab is imprisoned but Amitabh moves scot-free. he is protected by govt. of India itself which was fully responsible in organizing these killings on their own nationals of India.

What a shame?

Kasab and Amitabh

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Amitabh responding

Amitabh responding-2

so we have sent him our approval with my phone number and place of residence as follows;

Amitabh responding-4


Thats a good news, i am ready to face him, i sent many mails to him, wrote at every page, link, websites belonged to him for many years but he never responded.

Now he wants evidence.

Amitabh (1)

Here he is caught. Why does he need an evidence when he knows that all the evidences against him have been destroyed? I am here, i watched him. I alleged him that he used Doordarshan crew to shoot his hatred slogans at Teen Murti House. He has confessed that he was present at Teen Murti Bhawan on 1st Nov 1984. Then why does he not confess that he shouted hatred slogans against Sikhs which helped Congress govt. to spread violence all over India?

So what if the evidences are destroyed but my memories are still fresh, i can show his actions when he shouted in front of camera.

If he is ready to face, i may be informed. I shall welcome him and ready to face him at any stage, anywhere in the world but in camera only.

See the screenshot of the mail i sent in 2010 at his personal email address.

Copy of mail page to Amitabh Bacchan on 22-2-10
Bloody liar.


I applied to BBC also for said clips but they refused me, just see the evidences pasted above and what reply they gave is pasted below;

BBC reply

Before that i applied video clip from Door Darshan but they refuzed to give me and called me VAGUE, see the evidnece;


I organized successful protests with the kind co-operation of UK sangat when he visited at Oxford, then at BBC for promotion of his film PAA and next when he visited to run with Olympic torch.


protest against Amitabh in UK

I successfully also organized protests in Melbourne and Queensland too with kind cooperation of Australian Sikhs.

I am also aware that the Malayasia too aired this clip in 1984 and if Autar Singh or any other Sikh leader make efforts, they can get it easily then searching anywhere else in the world.

Kindly read either of these blogs and see three videos (links given) exposing his involvement.

Qatil Amitabh-

Monster Amitabh-

Truth of Amitabh bacchan–

I even gave a personal message to Lovepreet Singh who had the correspondence with Amitabh that Amitabh never replied my any post despite i have posted on his personal email, blogs, pages etc for the last many years but even then i accept his challenge and that he may send my phone number and list of blogs to him to which he assured me.

I may inform you all that i watched him Live on Doordarshan TV inciting Hindus by his hatred slogans of KHOON KA BADLA KHOON (BLOOD AGAINST BLOOD) and thus demanded blood of Sikhs.
He was the first person to demand blood of Sikhs and to spread violence against Sikhs all over India. He never broke his silence but recently when Jagdish tytler wanted his testimony that he (tytler) was at Teen murti with Amitabh on 1st Nov, he (Amitabh) refused to see him there but confessed that he was present there with Rajiv at Teen Murti on that day i.e. 01-11-84.
It proves my allegation that he shot this video clip in the corridor of Teen Murti Bhawan which was aired on Doordarshan intermittently for three days to spread violence against Sikhs.
I knocked Delhi Hgh Court against him and filed a PIL which was rejected but no action was taken against me if i had been misguiding and wasting precious time of Court. That shows my truthfulness as learnt Court allowed me to move away without hearing my plea, also without taking any action against me.
What evidence would anybody want? I could be punished by court but if it had been happened, i would have appealed and the case against him had to be opened which they never want.
I filed a Criminal complaint against him in Australia also with kind help of Sikhs for Justice though it was rejected but that doesn’t matter as the law there is amended and now cases after 2002 are only taken.
AS Randhawa-1
Ajmer Singh Randhawa

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