Is this injustice called Justice in India?

The Supreme Court of India didn’t find the case of murders of Graham Stains and his two younger sons aged 10 and 6 as rarest of rare whereas the unfortunate Pastor with his sons sleeping in a station wagon were burnt alive by Ravinder Pal alias Dara Singh.


This Singh name was adopted to defame Sikh militants by this Bajrang Dal activist and to misguide public if this gruesome murders were handiwork of Sikhs.

I may remind you that the two younger children of 10th Guru Gobind singh ji were bricked alive by Nawab Wazir Khan of Sirhind. A Muslim Nawab Sher Mohammad of Malerkotla registered a formal protest insisting that the Quran did not condone the murder of innocents. Ignoring his advice the Wazir implemented his order. Sachanand Khatri, whose offer of his daughter as wife to one of Guru Gobind Singh’s elder sons had been repeatedly spurned, turned his anger towards the younger sahibzade vengefully declaring them to be the offspring of a poisonous serpent who would grow to be as dangerous as their father if allowed to live. Sikhs never forgave Nawab Wazir khan and he was beheaded by Banda Singh Bahadar alias Gurbaksh Singh for killing the younger children.

But here the gruesome murder of a father and his two sons was not counted as rarest of rare by Supreme Court of India.

The Supreme Court upheld the verdict of life imprisonment for Dara Singh, the chief accused, on 21 January 2011. The Supreme Court dismissed the CBI’s call for the death penalty, explaining that the death penalty could only be imposed in the “rarest of rare” cases.

He had confessed his crime before high court but Wadhwa commission also gave a clean chit to Hindu fanatic organization Bajrang Dal whose activists took part in attacking the pastor family and burning them alive.

Remember the same Supreme court who ignored confession of Ravinder pal, rejected plea of Prof Davinder Pal singh Bhullar’s confession which was written by a cop and instead of his signs, his thumb impression was taken though Bhullar was a Mechanical Engineer, on behalf of this confession before police, Supreme Court held him guilty and ordered him to be sent to gallows.


Why this dual standard of justice in higher courts? Aren’t these higher courts loosing trust in people’s mind as we Sikhs have lost all hopes from this Indian judiciary as justice to us is ignored since 1984, the relatives of victims are harassed but organizers and perpetrators of Sikh genocide move scot-free.

Is this the justice?

The post on my page questioning on justice in India in higher courts has set a new record. (Gone viral) Within 56 hrs of its posting it has been reached to 23500 people. People are so impressed that it has been shared by 166 readers too.

It shows people in India are dissatisfied from judiciary and have lost their hopes of any fair verdict. The religion and politics play a key role, the verdicts are given under influence of high ups in corridors of politics. People are feared to raise their voice but whether the voice of people is more important or verdicts given by any court in a democratic nation.

I, as a Sikh have lost all hopes from Indian judiciary and doubt if any fair justice shall be given to them in future. My Sikh brothers who opposed the brutal Congress govt. which turned no stone unturned and used all its machinary to eliminate Sikhs in Punjab and all over India for a full decade, are denied to release after their awarded sentence from any court is over but compelled to languish in jails.

Is this not the violation of their human rights?

Is this not a repeat of cycles of atrocities, denial of justice, suppressing attempts to whole community like Congress did in 1984, crushing voice of Sikh nation as they are slaves in this country and giving protection to organizers/perpetrators of Sikh geniocide in front of our eyes like Congress previously did? Then what is the difference in previous Congress govt. and present BJP who is also glove in hand to avenge Sikhs for their crimes wearing turbans and five mandatory signs which show them from a distinct religion, not as part of Hinduism?

The Badal govt is in alliance with BJP in state and center, its not in position to do any favor with Sikhs. They will see its out come in coming elections but as a common Sikh i have raised this issue.

Come what may, i am not feared.

AS Randhawa-1

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

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