Kaaba turned wherever the Guru Nanak’s feet were turned

Dr. Zakir Naik once questioned and objected on turning of Kaaba by Guru Nanak ji. (Many others also object and say that non Muslims could never enter Mecca but they forget in 16th century, it was a desrted town and Guru Nanak ji was in a Muslim dress.


I may clear his doubts and all other curios readers that Kaaba has also turned thrice not only once before visit of Guru Nanak ji.

When Guru Nanak was sleeping near Kaaba, his feet were in direction to Kaaba. The attendents when noticed, they informed Qazi Rukunudin.

He came there and pushed a kick in waste of Baba Nanak and asked, “who is this infidel (Kafir) sleeping by keeping his feet towards god’s home?

At this the Guru replied, “I am an old man and tired. I do not know which side Alalh lives, kindly turn feet where Allah doesn’t reside.”

At this the Qazi hold his feet and turned his body but he was surprized to see that in whichever direction he turned feet of guru, the Kaaba was also turned.


His sixth sense immediately warned him that this man is no ordinary person. And then he bowed before Guru Nanak.

Many Muslims take offense with the reference that Jeevan (Qazi Rukunudin) saw the Kaaba move as he moved Guru Nanak’s feet to point them in a direction away from Kaaba. They claim that this could not have happened.

However, there are many famous references in Islam which talk about the Kaaba moving.

1*****Hazrat Iban writes in his book Fatuhat Makih that he saw the Kaaba rise to crush him when he thought inappropriate thoughts about the Kaaba during the Hajj (Israr Shariat, part 2, page 74)

2*****Rabia, when passing through a forest on her way to the Hajj for the second time, saw the Kaaba coming towards her to welcome her. Rabia said, I was hoping to see God. I have no need for God’s house. If he were to walk towards me a length of a hand, I will advance a yard towards him. What do I do with the Kaaba? This doesn’t please me.

3*****Hazrat Ibrahim Azam went to Mecca, and was surprised to see the Kaaba missing. He thought his eyesight was failing him. He heard a voice which said, “there is nothing wrong with your eyesight, the Kaaba has gone to welcome a lady who is too feeble to walk to the Hajj” (Tazkiratul Awliayah, page 62).

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Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

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