Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim pardoned by Akal Takhat-a conspiracy against Sikh nation

Baba Ram Rahim copying Guru ji
Gurmeet Ram Rahim copying 10th master Guru Gobind Singh ji, preparing Amrit and wearimg almost similar attire to shoow his supremacy.
It appears if it’s the first settelment (political decision) taken by newly appointed Chief Secretary of SGPC, Harcharan Singh who is allegedly a RSS activist. Jathdars played role of puppet and stamped it to give their approval.
Because in viewing the coming assembly elections in Punjab in 2017, a plan is prepared to pardon and settle down all controversies with rival groups and Deras in Punjab so that in lieu of this relaxation, they may support Shiromani Akal Dal Badal in Punjab.
Sikh Panth may face humiliation but Akali dal Badal must rule in Punjab.
Gurmeet Ram Rahim is alleged to rape and kill woman disciples of his Dera and then the journalist who exposed him, he kille his driver also who leaked information about him. Other then this he allegedly copied 10th master by wearing similar attire and preparing seven beloved, (two more then Guru). this way he tried his supremacy upon Guru Gobind Singh ji.
Then how could these paid employees9Jathedars of all five Takhats)  give a clean chit to chief of Dera/cult Saccha Sauda?
Order by Akal Takhat on Pardoning Gurmeet Ram Rahim
 Religious order issued by Jathedar Sri Akal Takhat sahib ji on 25th Sep. 2015 to pardon Gurmeet Ram Rahim.
This is jeopardize with Sikh panth by its own administrators whom the Sikh history shall always put in question box and place them the insider organizers of treason against khalsa panth.
Apology by Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim singh;
In his apology he states that he never compares himself with any saint or paigambar but while signing the letter he calls himself a Saint which proves his malintention.
He misguides again.

Apology by Gurmeet ram Rahim

 Apology by Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim sent to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib.

I feel ashamed of them and bow my head in due respect to those martyres who laid down their lives in struggle against this bullshit gurmeet ram rahim. I am sure despite clean chit to this bgot, no Sikh will follow this order of Akal Takhat.

I start from myself and give a call to boycott Jathedar Gurbachan Singh..
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The Baba and his ongoings;

The Baba Ram Rahim Singh is the present Guru of the sect known as Dera Saccha Sauda at Hissar in Haryana. This Dera was set by Shah Satnam Singh who declared Gurmeet Singh alias Baba Ram Rahim Singh as heir of his sect.

In May 2007, this Baba robed himself alike 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh ji and appeared in his disciples. He acted in the same manner to baptize his followers like earlier done by Guru Gobind Singh ji. This act of him up roared Sikhs whose sentiments were hurt by his such mean act of copying the holy Guru.

This controversy caused violence in Sikhs and the followers of Baba.The whole northern India was on unrest and disturbed continuously for six days, in this violence which broke-out at several places, one Sikh person was killed by his bodyguards and over a hundred were wounded.

Though the public relations officer of the sect Saccha Sauda apologized in a press release soon after on 20th May and repeatedly on 27th May but the apology was made in a manner to show as they were obliging Sikhs which was immediealy rejected by Akal-Takht, the highest temporal seat of Sikhs.

A criminal case was registered against Baba Ram Rahim Singh in Bathinda, where the clashes were started on behest of Baba on 20th May and arrest warrant against him were issued to arrest him by ACJM of Bathinda (Punjab).

The proceedings against Baba were not stopped here;

The case by CBI was on snail’s race but the High court of Haryana and Punjab ordered CBI to submit it’s report before 31st Aug 07. He got interim bail in Oct. 07 in murder & rape case by special court of CBI.

The disclosure of rape of a female disciple was brought in notice of public by a news published in a news paper ‘PURA SACH’, in which the allegations were made by an anonymous letter written to the President, Prime Minister,Chief Ministers of Haryana and Punjab, Judges of high courts of Haryana and Punjab, Supreme court, DGP of Haryana by a female disciple that she and about 50 other females disciples were raped by Baba Ram Rahim Singh in premises of Dera Saccha Sauda, Hissar.

Soon after this news was published the journalist Ram Chandra Chatrapati was killed. The case was handed over to CBI,j ust by that time another follower of the Dera, Ranjit Singh was also killed. This aroused the suspense and the father of the deceased clearly raised his finger upon Baba Ram Rahim. He directly alleged him of murdering his son, CBI included this murder case also in it’s list.CBI did not give any clean chit to Baba means that they consider him guilty and have some proves against Baba.

A statement of Khatta Singh, (the driver of Baba Ram Rahim Siangh)was recorded by a hidden camera, by the team of Tahalka and India TV in a sting operation for CBI which proves the allegations made by the female devotee and confirms the murders with the consent of Baba’s in the case.

After one year again on 20th June 08, one more Sikh devotee was killed in Bombay (Mumbai), in shoot out by body-guards of Baba, which paralyzed the normal life in Bombay and surrounding areas.

Last year Akal Takhat had called for the social boycott of Dera chief and his followers after the said incidents stated above.

So far, neither Baba is given any clean chit in any case of rape, murder, conspiracy, provocation of riots nor any verdict to sentence him to prison is delivered. Sikhs are generally denied of justice and their rights in this free India and their enemies are allowed to spit venom against Sikh religion by giving protection to move scotfree under cover of commandos. If complains than the Sikhs faces the discrimination and the youth are tortured to death in democratic India.

Ajmer kesri

Ajmer Singh Randhawa

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