Sick Punjab Police fires indiscriminately on peaceful Sikh protesters after Guru Granth Sahib ji desecreted



The Sikhs in Delhi have decided to hold a demonstration against brutalities of Punjab Police in Kotkapura, Punjab. These Sikhs had gathered there in the squire at Kotkapura to mark their protest on desecration of Sri Guru Granth sahib ji by some nti-social elements who had earlier challenged the administration and the Sikh community that their Guru is stolen. The Punjab Police failed to recover the saroop pf Guru Sahib and then the pages of holy book Sri Guru Granth sahb ji were tear apart and thrown in the streets of village Bargadi in Distt. Kotkapura.
it was a complete failure of Punjab administration and it’s security agencies but the Punjab Police committed brutalities on unarmed sitting Sikh protesters without any order of Magistrate. that proves the animosity of it’s DGP Sumedh saini with Police.

The Shiromani Akali dal badal is also exposed on its role. None of its member condemned the sad incident but before they had given protection to followers of dera Sirsa who had stopped the trains  for three days demanding to release the ban of Film in which their allegdely rapist and killer Guru ram Rahim had played lead role.

The Punjab police provided all security to Dera followers but opened fire on peacefully protesting Sikhs.

That shows the discrimination and racism in Punjab. I wonder how could the Sikh Officers of Punjab Police could see the disrespect of their Guru and then killing of their own brothers?

The desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib was deeply painful for the Sikh community across the world, and rather than trying to crush peaceful protests, Punjab police would be better served to find those responsible for this crime.

World Sikh Organisation (WSO) on Thursday condemned the alleged excesses of the Punjab police. “We condemn the killing of unarmed peaceful protesters in Punjab and pray for those critically injured. Many have been beaten and abused and hundreds of Sikhs have been arrested for simply demanding action against those who desecrated Sri Guru Granth Sahib, our living Guru,” 

BC- Report on Indian Govt opening fire on peaceful Sikh rally after media blackout order

The Punjab Govt has today opened fire and sanctioned the use of water cannons and brute force by Punjab police on thousands of it’s own citizens whilst they were peacefully staging a sit-in protest. Sikhs had gathered to protest the lack of police action in a case of the desecration of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the area of Kotakpura Punjab. Disturbingly the Govt has ordered a media blackout in Punjab. Yet still news, images and video footage is emerging on social media of the violence being perpetrated against innocent civilians – three civilian deaths have been reported and hundreds of casualties, with the death toll set to rise as more reports come to light.

This is the most recent episode in an escalation of violence by the Govt against the Sikh minority of India. They have also been torturing and force feeding an octogenarian who- protesting against the illegal detention of prisoners who have long since served their sentences- has been on hunger strike for over 280 days. The Punjab police has been harassing his supporters and illegally detaining prominent Sikh figures who’ve been peacefully protesting the state’s interference in matters concerning the Sikh governing body.

Despite the BBC having large presence in India with many reporters stationed there – it has not picked up this story. There is no mention of this on any of your news media outlets in India or here in the UK, despite the fact that your express global purpose is to “provide international news broadcasting of the highest quality, enabling individuals to participate on the global debate on significant international issues”. This is a significant issue for the 20 million Sikhs worldwide. We rely on the BBC as (in your own words) an “independent, objective and honest” news organisation to report on such issues.

The American Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (AGPC) blamed the state government and the state police for allegedly opening indiscriminate fire on Sikhs, that led to the killing of the two youth who were part of the protests. An AGPC press release alleged that the Badal government was responsible for the incidents of violence in Punjab. Various Sikh bodies from Italy, Germany Switzerland and Australia had also condemned Punjab police’s action on the protestors.
Sikh organisation from across the world have condemned the alleged police brutality against members of the community who were demonstrating against what they claimed was a desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy scripture, in which two youth had been killed and others had been injured.
Police firing
Two people were killed in police firing Wednesday as protests over the alleged desecration of a Guru Granth Sahib spread to several villages in Fardikot.
About 80 people were injured when police used teargas, lathicharge and fired in the air to disperse a dharna by Sikhs at Kotakpura chowk in Faridkot early Wednesday. Later in the day, police fired to disperse protesters in village Behbal Kalan, killing two men, Bittu Singh and Krishan Singh. A third man was admitted to hospital with bullet wounds.
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal ordered a judicial inquiry into the alleged desecration of the Sikh holy text and the violence that ensued, while Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal announced a reward of Rs 1 crore for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of those who desecrated the text.
But so far no compensation is announced for the two innocents killed in Police firing.
Line of choice
Now the Khalsa has to take a final decision which side it stands now. The line is drawn, choice is yours whether you stand with anti Panthik Badal or the Khalsa panth?

The Sikhs all over world are demanding resignations of all SGPC/DSGMC members in protest and also demand resignation of Sumedh saini-the DGP Punjab police. Badal is also questioned and dismissal of his govt is also demanded.
Ajmer kesriAjmer Singh Randhawa

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