For a Sikh Whether nation is first or the religion?

For a Sikh Whether nation is first or the religion?

We recently watched views of HS Phoolka who said that “he is Indian first, Sikh afterwards.”

But is it true?

Should it be like that or the religion be placed first?

I opposed and condemned Phoolka for his these anti Sikh views but he is very hungry to get a political post, may be willing to see himself as CM Punjab.

In fact, he should apologize publically from every Sikh and the Gurus.

But in this attempt he lost his loyalty to religion, that i am sure. he is not any trustworthy person.

I knew that Mahatma Gandhi too was asked this question and his reply was, “he is Hindu first and Indian afterwards. For him his religion has top priority.”

If you don’t believe see the evidence in attached picture in red squire.

Please see this screenshot of a book which shows views of Gandhi.

In case of statue of Bhagat Singh, same parameter should be applied, his every picture or statue should be permitted to be made and displayed be wearing his turban as we have the evidences that he became a Sikh and grew his beard and keshas. When he was executed, his keshas had grown up 6″-8″ long to be tied with a Rishi knot (JOODA).

Ajmer Randhawa

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

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